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About us
About us

Avusor  Iformatics services,  in 2006 start to gives service in Web Design sector, in our references, there are private companies, goverment companies, private personels, societies, etc.. and  our company have got the Trust of our all of the customers.

 Day by day, we have developped and regenerated with our team and in January 2009 , we start to give to our customers Hosting and Domain servisces.

In 2012 as new begining,  We bought our Servers  from NETINTERNET, for to give Services to our customers  raelible, fast, and strongly . By this way, we show that we develop ourselves day by day.

For to give internet servis more strongly , quality and effectly, we established  "Avusor Bilişi "  brand.

Our İstanbul based company aimed itself quality and customer  pleasure. 

Our company chosed  Web design, Hosting, Domain,  Logo design, Virtual Tour, e-commerce, institutional  identification services, sectors.

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